How We Can Assist

  • Industry Knowledge & Experience

    With over 100 years of proven success, Dale Carnegie & Associates is the industry leader and true benchmark for professional training and development solutions.  We have extensive  experience in training Federal Government Agencies  and Commands  that seek to build leaders and engaged teams.  Dale Carnegie has been consistently awarded year after year, the training of choice for creating mission achievement through the development of the greatest resource—your people.

  • Leadership & Professional Training Consulting

    Professional Development training is NOT a one size fits all, but unique to each unit, department, command and/or  agency.   At Dale Carnegie, we have an experienced and dedicated team of Professional Consultants and a Federal Government  Curriculum Development Panel  that works  with your organization to define your strategic intent.  We take the time to understand your organizational structure, needs, objectives, challenges and work with you in partnership  to develop  unique, custom training solutions to transform your team for effective results, trust, teamwork and retention.

  • Curriculum Development

    Whether developing your team’s key core competency skills, providing tools  to resolve specific challenges or growing leaders, Dale Carnegie is here to provide a proven performance change pathway to ensure a consistent, results-oriented experience.  Our Dale Carnegie curriculum development team can assist your organization in tailoring an existing course or creating a new course to parallel your team’s environment, terminology, operations and target audience.

    Courses can be designed in one or a combination of  blended modalities that best fit  your needs, schedules, budget and operation effectiveness.  These include:

    • In Person Training
    • Customized In-house Training
    • Digital Live Online Training
  • Global Presence

    Dale Carnegie is a  global training provider with 200+ offices located around the world offering our trainings in 30+ languages.

    • United States
    • Central & South America
    • Asia, Australia and Pacific Region
    • Europe
    • Canada, Caribbean & Mexico
    • Africa & the Middle East
  • Sustainment

    Our courses are formulated to provide sustained learning through reinforcement.  A continuous learning path is provided for participants to drive organizational results,  sustain newly developed skills  and optimize  each individual’s potential.    Investing in learning sustainment is critical to ensure long-term success, growth and change to lead self, lead teams, lead people, lead organizations and lead the institution for operational excellence.