What is Live OnLine

Looking for the same live, engaging, interactive instructor-led  facilitation that is experienced in a classroom environment – But your team is dispersed across the globe?

Dale Carnegie Federal Services Live Online courses are the ideal vehicle to provide a strategic solution that   builds  core competencies, leadership skills, and teambuilding while strengthening the bond of your teams, despite being  miles apart.  Your participants are engaged, breakout sessions allow collaboration of your teams, and high retention is achieved.  Private offerings  can be customized in content and/or delivery times to support your agency or command’s workforce.

Training options:

  • Webinars (one hour)
  • Workshops (two/three hours)
  • Seminars (multiple Weekly Sessions)
  • Blended (powerful combination of Online and In-person when available)
  • Subscription/Sustainment (reinforce and/or augment with continual development)

Join a scheduled Live OnLine Class
Hold a private offering for your team.