Build Your Own Custom Program 

Build a single course or a learning pathway tailored to your team and your organization to create an innovative, relevant and purposeful solution.

Our Dale Carnegie Federal Government Development Team (DCFGDT) has extensive educational background, expertise in Federal Government Core Competency understanding, practical leadership experience, and development of adult interactive course materials.  The team of experts adhere to the ISO 9001 customization process to iMAP the pathway as they:

  • Link products, job responsibilities, performance metrics and service objectives into learning
  • Develop key performance evaluators
  • Select the appropriate Competency Based Modules to match the needs of the participants
  • Create the necessary exercises, analogies and workshops
  • Adjust the phraseology and language to match your culture
  • Add appropriate graphics and branding to support your look and feel
  • Course Length: TBD
  • In Person

iMAP process:

Through the iMAP process, the team evaluates skill gaps within the organization, and customize solutions creating a centralized plan to enhance the skills, talents and capacity of each department/individual to achieve a centralized goal that  strengthens the organization’s effectiveness, well-being  and culture.